Adding & Filtering based on Date Slicer using Multiple Date Columns

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Hi All,

I’m working on a Gantt chart report and need a solution. I’ll explain below one by one:

I have this query data which i want to show on a gantt chart.

Gantt Chart will look like this:

Now on the top i want to add a date range slicer so whenever i want to select 1 Month lookahead period it will Filter all 5 milestones coming within that date range of 1 Month only on gantt chart.

For this i have created a Calendar which i want to use in my date slicer as i cant use any of my milestones column as it will only filter out that particular milestone and will not show all other milestones coming in that date range.

Relationships are like this at the moment and i know only one relationship can be active at a time and i don’t understand how to add multiple relationships from Date Calendar Column to each of my milestone and than activate all those relationships.

I have already done trying unpivoting all my milestones so i can have only one date column that i could use in date slicer and it works as well but than this visual isn’t showing the report in company’s desired format. (Basically we want all milestones to be on same line against Forecast & Planned fields and by unpivotting all milestone appears in different lines and setting them on parent level doesn’t work either)

These are links to files:

Excel File

Power Bi File

Please let me know if any further inforamtion is required.



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