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Dear Support Team,

I am writing with reference to your product, namely xViz – Advanced Pie & Donut. I subscribed to this product a couple of days ago.

I need to use this visual instead of classic Power BI Pie Chart, because I want to display a number of top categories and have other categories automatically grouped together. I am using this visual for several vizualizations on two pages of my report. And an important moment is that I need visuals to always show top 10 for all visualizations on one page and top 20 for all visualizations on second page.

I set top 10 in Ranking section of visual for all vizualizations on one page and top 20 on second page, but when I return to previous page (where I have already set top 10) I see all visualizations roll back to display top 5. And every time when I set a number different from 5, then go to another page and then go back – it always display top 5.

Can I somehow fix the number of top categories for this visual (that it would not change until I change it on my own and the number would not be reset to 5 automatically when I go to another page)? This is really important to me, because it is inconvenient to constantly set the required number on all visualizations.
Looking forward to your reply on this matter.

Solomiia Tokar
BI Developer, Cobit Solutions

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