As you type in the search, the hierarchical filter is updating but other tables are not.

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Wondering if there were some breaking changes to the filter recently.

Change 1:

  • Prior to last week, when text was entered into the Search bar (set to “filter” and not “find”) associated tables on the Power BI report would update. Now, no updates to associated tables occur until after a selection is made inside the filter.

Change 2:

  • Previously, you could enter text into the Search bar (set to “filter” and not “find”). Then, you could use the “Select All” and the function would grab the filtered items from the filter. Now, the “Select All” is grabbing all of the items…not just the filtered items.
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Please find my comments below,

Change 1: This is the expected behavior of the visual. We need to make a selection in the visual for it to get updated in the associated tables on a report.

Change 2: This issue is being fixed in the upcoming version.

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Thank you for the information. What is the release schedule for the next version?