Bubble chart displays differently from standard control on exact same data

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These 2 visualization  use the same data and field configuration

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Hi, there!

There’s a good chance that you are getting slightly different results on the xViz Bubble/Scatter Chart because the Ranking feature has been enabled by default. I believe that you should be able to arrive at the same setting as the default PBI charts by disabling this option.

To do so, click on the Settings icon on the top-right corner of the xViz Bubble/Scatter chart and select Ranking from the dropdown menu. This should bring a pop-up box for setting up the ranking feature on the charts with default options set up already.

Click on the Clear button within the pop-up to clear any ranking on the chart.

Once you have done so, you may be required to modify your axis ranges once again to match PBI’s Scatter Chart. But this should solve your issue, hopefully.

Do let us know if it doesn’t!

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Yup, that fixed it. Thank you.