Can’t get it right, my data

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The current visual contains 2 colomns from 2 Tables.

Colomn A in Table 1 = A text type (“names of departments”) –> Axis
Colomn B in Table 2 = A text type (“descriptions of cases”) –> Values

There are now the following fiilters on the visual:

  1. Fullname (names of employees) From Table 3: “employees”
  2. Count of descriptions of cases from Table 2
  3. Date (created on or after…) from Table 2
  4. Is this a request to call back the customer (all – yes and no) This comes from Colomn C (True/False type), in Table 1
  5. The name of the department (from Colomn A) it needs to show is… From Table 1

Now it shows all the calls to the five teams of one department.
I want to make a multiple axes chart.
I thought I’d show 3 bars per team: All the calls/the ones with a request to call back/the ones without a request to call back/
But I can’t get it right:

Table 4 contains two measures (they are DAX – so I guess they are measures, not quick measures – I didn’t made them…).
Call back to customer is needed
Call back to customer is not needed

I thought could use them…
If I drag these measures to Value axis 2 and Values axis 3 (Value axis 1 contains the count of descriptions of cases) it seems to lose the filter on the wanted department, the bars (dark blue and red) show the same numbers for all 5 teams: all the “yes/no call backs”…

1 CURRENT VISUAL – With all the calls for entire department 456 = all, 77= with request to call back, 379 = no request to call back

2 ALL THE CALLS FOR 1 TEAM… 143 = all, 21= with request to call back, 122 = no request to call back



Who can help me with this?

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