Clean Way of Handling Varied WBS Levels on Gantt


Hi all,

I am working on the xViz Gantt visualisation and I am trying to present a plan that makes use of up to 5 levels of Work Breakdown Structure but activities may take place on any level.

The issue I’m having is where an activity/task occurs on a level other than the 5th as they are then part of a “blank” WBS level. I have tried the hide blank option but this then hides the tasks that are not on the 5th level.

I have made use of a WBS sheet in Excel with a code that ties it to the activity sheet and then 5 columns to show the level of WBS that I have entered into a hierarchy in Power BI as a hierarchy in the Task Name bucket followed by an Activity ID.

Is there a way I can show all tasks but hide the blank levels of WBS for activities that don’t use them? I’ve inserted some snips below for explanation.

WBS sheet in Excel

Task Name bucket in Power BI

The result, these tasks don’t make use of the fifth WBS level so it just appears as blank

Thanks in advance for any advice you have!


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Hi, In the format section under ‘Chart options’ you will find an option ‘Hide Blank’. Enabling this button will help you hide the blanks in the hierarchy.

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Hi Kavigeet, thank you very much for your response.

That was my initial thought to fix the problem, however because not all activities occur at the same level of WBS, hiding blank values hides activities that are not at the “lowest” level of WBS, hiding a considerable amount of the project plan in the process so it won’t work in this case.

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