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I would like to conditional format the Advanced Gauge for my different KPI’s as follows;

Red color = “<- 95%” of target.

Yellow = “95% to 105%” of target.

Green = “105% ->” of target.

However as far as I can see it only allows me to set the interval between 0 – 100%. Is it really not possible to do what I’m trying to do?

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I am also looking to implement this for % of Quota. Entering values doesn’t seem to be a viable solution for what I am trying to accomplish. On the surface, this visual appeared to be cool and edgy but without having the feature to account for items over 100, it not so cool. The last thing that I want to do is having to create another calculation for something that should be built into the visual app.


Hello Christian,

It is possible with the ‘Value’ option but not for the ‘% of Gauge Target’.

Configuration steps:

  1. Enter the Minimum and Maximum value under the ‘Gauge options’                                                                             
  2. Select ‘Value’ option under the conditional formatting                                                       
  3. Enter the range in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ section.                                                                 
  4. In case, if you still see the maximum value as 100 instead of your defined maximum value, click on the ‘+’ option to get your Maximum value.
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