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Hello, A few weeks ago I downloaded the Gantt Enterprise free trial. To demonstrate the full functionality if the Gantt vis, I built out extensive Power BI reports using the viz, and got buy-in from my leadership to purchase some licenses. Today I purchased 5 enterprise licenses. Because of the limited use of the Gantt visual in our organization, we are not interested in using the Organization Store to deploy.

My question is this: is it possible to convert my existing reports where I’m using the trial version of the xviz Gantt to the new enterprise license, without having to start over and rebuild my reports? It will take many hours to re-produce these customized versions of the visual.

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Hello Ben,

Thank you for using xViz for Power BI.

Please refer to Deploy xViz Visuals in your Power BI environment: A How-to Guide for the list, pros and cons of all the deployment methods available for xViz. The Non-Org method can be used to override the trial build by importing the build in the report, saving and re-opening it. If you wish to change the deployment method, please contact our support team along with your subscription Id and the deployment method that you want to use.

By default, we provide the Organizational Store method of deployment. We recommend this method for the convenience it offers for updating the builds at the time of released updates and renewals. Using the default method deployment (organization visuals), it will not lead to a rebuild of the Power BI reports from the scratch. It will require importing the new build and switching only that visual’s tile to the newly imported visual.

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For a variety of reasons, I do not want to deploy via the organizational visual path. Can someone please provide me with the download of the non-organization visual build, so I can import it into my current report? I am up against a hard deadline for this, and I cannot seem to make any progress. Please help.

Thank you!

Hello Ben,

We have forwarded your request to the support team. They will get in touch with you soon over email.

Hello Ben,

Your request is resolved now.

Have a nice day!

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