Damaged .PBIVIZ File?

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I’m trying to download the Gantt Chart Free version but seems that the file is damaged because when I open it, it appears the following message:

In English that means that doesn’t have a valid extension, but as I read in Internet “.pbiviz” should be valid for regular Power BI desktop.

I am attaching here as well the file that I am trying to load in my Power BI desktop, so you can check if it’s correct.

If not, can anyone send me the correct file so I can use de Gantt Chart for free?

Thank you so much!! I appreciate any help you can bring me.


Ana M.

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Thank you for your interest in xViz for Power BI.

If you are opening the .pbiviz file directly, then that will not work. Custom visual files need to be imported in the Power BI report. If you are using the free version of the visual, then please follow the steps here to import the .pbiviz file in your report – Import a visual file from your local computer into Power BI

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