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I’m trying to keep the data color consistent in different graphs containing categories.

when it comes to a bar graph is have set the data color to format by field value (based on color codes in a column).

but with Parallel  Coordinates visual, i see only 3 options under Data color> Color themes РPower BI Single, costume.

any way i can do the same with the Parallel Coordinates visual that i have done with a bar graph?

Please help

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Yes, You can Keep data Color consistent using conditional formatting.
Refer the below screenshot

In Parallel  Coordinates there is no need for conditional formatting, you can set colors directly in data colors itself

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Thank you for looking into it.

the concern is, what if there is a new category? then i would have to manually change the color to match with the other visuals.
if there is conditional formatting, i just have to set colors for each category in a different column.