Dec 17 2021 – “Upgrade to a version error” for the desktop servivce

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Hi I’ve noticed this pop up on my reports today (17/12/2021), I’m using desktop version and didn’t publish the report

Can someone help me how to remove this pop up as it is completely blocking my report visual?


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Hi Dharani,

Please find the details, I did refresh the report and I’m facing it today as well (10 Jan 2022)

Desktop Version: 2.100.785.0 64-bit (December 2021)
Visual version: Version 1.1.8
Visual Name: Multiple Axes Chart – xViz



Our xViz FREE Desktop Edition has been recently prompting users to upgrade to a paid subscription. This error is due to a Power BI update. We regret the inconvenience caused.

While we are working on fixing the issue:

  • Kindly check out our 30-day one-time Enterprise Trial to experience xViz without any restrictions
  • You can download the BETA version of the visual from our website with the popup issue fixed
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