Different colours between milestones on same row


IHi all,

We are checking to see if the Gantt chart visual for Power BI allows us to display different colours between milestones in the same row.

For example, we’ve created the following data and the milestones are shown as separate icons/colurs. We need the area between each milestone to be a different colour.

Is this possible? (before we consider upgrading to PRO version)

Thanks in advance

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Hello again,

I followed the below steps,

  1. My sample data 

   2. Changed the Chart type to ‘Gantt Resource’ in the visual.

 3. I assigned the ‘S.no’ column in the ‘Display measures’ field and hid that column from the visual by turning off the ‘Display measures’ option in formatting tab (screenshot 2) 

4. Created rules in the Conditional Formatting section.



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