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Hi all!

I just downloaded the Multiple Axes Chart into PBI and I was wondering if the following was possible:

In my Value Axis 1 area, I have 2 sets of data, both measured in grams. The first is a Column and the other is Area (disregard the other lines for this question, we also have % values in this same chart)

Is it possible to have the Area data show BEHIND the columns? Visually in our circumstance it would be more appealing and easier to read, since our column data is more important. I tried changing the order in the formatting box area but that didn’t solve my problem.

Thanks so much, love this visual! 🙂

Additional question:

I would like to make the columns a Stacked column with the stacks being Type A & Type B, but when I put the data in and added a legend to show this, it added legend Type A/B for each Axis value.

Is it possible to have that only effect the column?

And if so, how would I change those column colors? There isn’t an option in the Data Colors formatting area, it only shows the Column data as a whole (and the colors that auto populate are not according to theme)

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To answer your first question, In the latest version 1.1.0, expand the chart options, you will find the “Auto Series Order” option. Turn it off and arrange the value fields in the same order as you would like to see it on the visual.

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Thank you so much for the quick response!

I tried to update the app but it is still showing as version 1.0.6

Do I need to purchase in order to update??



Please be notified that the xViz suite latest version 3.1.0 is now available in the website. Please visit the page to download the latest visuals.

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