Gantt Chart – conditional formatting?

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Hi all, just started working with the Gantt Chart visual and wondering if it possible to

a) Colour the bar based on a value (such as activity status)

b) Colour the Display Categories and Display Measures based on their values (such as to make a traffic light, similar to what you can do with the out of the box PowerBI table visual)


PS, is there a user guide for the visual – I may have missed that in searching!

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would like to know as well about the task fill option – in my chart it only works on the progress part and not on the “regular” fill under conditions


Hey hey – did you get a response to this?  I’m looking to colour the bar’s based on the RAG status on projects (Red, Amber, Green) – this is super easy in other gantt charts.  This one is much better in every other respect, but I can’t figure out this simple enough option??  (user guide would also be great)

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