Gantt Chart Dependency Arrows

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Is the power BI visualization compatible with multiple dependency arrows? I can get the primary connector to work when I have only one dependent, but I cant seem to get it to work when I list an array of dependents in the cell (which according to this tutorial , it should work). Is this feature only supported in the VBX suite for SAP?

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You will have to split the data into 2 columns and use the primary and secondary connector to show multiple dependency lines. At present it supports only 1 connector line per connector type. So in total you can have 2 dependency lines.

In case you are referring to xViz gantt chart for Power BI then this blog will help you get started –

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Ah, so it is a powerBI specific limitation then. Thanks!

We are looking into adding more than 2 task dependencies. Will let you know once available

Hi, Please let me know if it is still limited to showing 2 task dependencies or do we have any update on this? Thank you!

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