Gantt Chart – Display category adjustments

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Hi guys,

I about to buy the license for 3 users, but I need to know first: How can I freeze the columns from display category in Gantt Chart???

Everytime i go out of the page in Gantt Chart xViz and go back again, the size of the columns in “display category” change the way i had configured the size. Why!? And it´s not in “auto” mode

P.S.: ‘Display Categories’ not appears for me (even in previous version of Power BI)


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Please configure the width under the ‘Display categories’ field as per your requirement.

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Hi dharanip,

Thank you for your quickly answer, but the ‘Display Categories’ is not showing for me.. I installed this visual by AppSource.

I also tried to install on Power BI previous version, but still not showing..


I updated the question with the image of my menu.

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