Gantt Chart – Is it possible to dynamically add all milestones to chart?

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I am dealing with Project data that has at least 50+ distinctly named milestones, with new milestones being added every week. As far as I understand, there is no way to dynamically add milestones, as each milestone has to be a column.

Is that correct? Or is there a way to dynamically add all milestones (similar to a select * in SQL) to the Gantt Chart visual?


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Yes – I got this working with a lot of fiddling around.  My final configuration includes a few settings which seem to make the difference:

  • True/False column for Milestones field, and visual filtered on this field to TRUE
  • Under advanced settings / Milestones, select “Allow Milestones from Data”

Having said that, when I tried to recreate this config in another dashboard I couldn’t get the second point above option to appear – could be things need to be done in a certain order for items to appear.  Very fiddly!

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