Gantt Chart: Milestones Hide blank disappear. Bug?



We are having trouble getting the xViz Gantt visual to display the milestones as intended.

In the following, we will provide an example with a description and accompanied by a sample .pbix file.


Suppose we have the following data table:

Labels :

Gray – Structure hierarchy (some activities don’t have all the levels)

Green – Actual dates

Orange – Planned dates

This results in this gantt chart:

Since some of the activities don’t have the entire hierarchy filled in, we use the option “Hide Blanks” (from within the formatting pane of the visual, under “Chart Options”), which results in the following:

As you can see, the milestones associated with the “b2” have disappeared (since it had a blank level in the hierarchy). This has not happened with other types of activities (i.e. a bar instead of a milestone).

In project planning, this sort of situations is sure to happen, for example our current working project has 8 hierarchy levels, with most activities having only up to 4/5 completely filled in.

The “Hide Blanks” function is very useful for this kind of project but it doesn’t seem to work if you use planned dates with milestones, which is not good.

Our question is, is this intended behaviour or a bug? Independently of your answer do you have a proposal of how to deal with this?

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