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In the Gantt Chart, for the Progress indicator we have a value of 0 through 100.  Yet on the Gantt chart it shows up as 1.00% for every task.  What format does the data need to be for the Progress indicator to work?  We’ve put in both Start and End Dates and that part is working.


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The Progress indicator value should be in the numeric or percentage format. This will automatically show the value as percentage in the Gantt chart.

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Thanks. On ours it says that Progress = Count of Percent Complete. Is that right? If not, then perhaps that is why everything shows up as Progress = 1.00%

I’ve set the ‘Min of …’ for another report and worked. May you try?
In my case the data source (both in the desktop and online app) has 75% informed but the visualisation paints a 7500% and so does the Tooltip.