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I bought the pro version of the Gantt Chart, and it has been frustrating trying to get MS Project data to show up correctly. I am aware that the preference is for it to be in Project Online as a source, however this is not an option, so I have an Excel export. After some initial challenges due to poor documentation, I have things showing up properly with two exceptions; Sort Order, and Multiple Predecessor links.

Sort order is defaulting to the task name, despite having Task ID associated to the ID column exported from Project. It ignores any sort order that I attempt to impose on the underlying table data, and there don’t appear to be any sort options in the visual. I would hate to have to resort to creating a combined column of ID and task name just to manage sorting.

As for the second issue, I have multiple predecessors in some cases, captured in a single column in typical Project fashion as comma separated values. Unfortunately the visual only seems to be able to identify the first entry, so I only get a single link.

Any help appreciated.


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Please find my comments below,

Issue #1-  For sorting the tasks based on the ID, please click on the “More options” in the top right corner of the visual and select the Sort by option.

Issue #2- In case, if you are referring to connector lines and trying to establish multiple connection between the tasks, give it as an array [“a”,”b”] instead of “a”,”b”.

If this is not the issue, we would like to know more details about your use case and requirement to guide you accordingly. Please drop an email to the support team along with the screenshots of your requirement or a sample PBIX file. You can find the support contact details in your purchase email.

Hope this helps!



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