Gantt-Chart: Start Date column displays wrong data in the visual

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Hey there,

we are currently facing the issue, that the dates of the different project phases in our gantt chart are displayed wrong by one day. The corresponding column in the visual is “Start Date”, and set with our date column [Start_date_TG]. Our column [Start_date_TG] is shown in a picture here for all our phases ([TG]) for one example project:

Here is the picture of the gantt with the corresponding project:

As you can see it somehow subtracts one day of the dates. It does this not for all projects and not for all project phases (TGs). E.g. here it just subtracts one day for TG1, TG2, and TG3.

Was anybody facing similar issues and has some advice? Would be really appreciated!

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I have exactly the same problem. I did notice that when I filter down and make the total period shorter the issue will go away.

Tried to recreate the problem in Power BI. See attached. For some it works fine, for others (level 1 –> 6 in my example) it doesn’t.

Would love to know how to fix this one!


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Kindly share the sample pbix file replicating the scenario to the xViz support team, so that we can look into the issue further.



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