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Hi all, I have a report using the xViz Gantt chart, not using any of the PRO features. Sometime last week (of Sept. 14) we started receiving the “Upgrade to a Paid Version” message/popup. I believe there must have been an update to this visual or something as the report did not change, and to verify I created from scratch a new report with no PRO features and immediately the pop up noting PRO features is shown.

To validate

  1. Add xVix Gantt
  2. Add Task Name column
  3. Add Start and End Date column
  4. No formatting or any other changes made (e.g. no PRO features)

Pro Features popup immediately appears

This is 100% opposite of xViz’s stated alignment with PowerBI strategy (below).

Anyone else having this issue?  THX
List of key changes:

  1. xViz Pro (fully featured) is now completely free with Microsoft Power BI Desktop, aligning fully with Microsoft’s Free Power BI Desktop strategy.
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Can someone from xViz weigh in please? At least let us know you are aware of this and what plans are. THX.

I’m having the same problem. The workaround also did not work for me and I’m using the xViz-Gantt-Chart-v1.1.9.

If your report only has one level on the Gantt chart then you are stuck and cannot turn off the milestones “show in parents” switch (it doesn’t even show), but it still shows shape/fill/border selections. The work-around is to add a higher layer to your data so the rows all have a parent referenced (could all reference the same one) then the switch “show in parents” appears and you can switch it off and get rid of the ransom ware popup.

I’ve tried that, when I add the higher layer and go to Advanced – Milestones the switch appears but is already turned off, after that I’ve tried leaving it off, turning it on, or turning it on and then off, but none have worked. My Gantt is as simple as it Can get, it has only the Task, Subtask (only added for the workaround), Start/End dates and Milestones.
Edit: The popup randomly did not appear now that I’ve created a new chart in a new page, yay(?)


I kind of found the cause – it seems to happen when you have tasks where [Start date] = [End date], which consequently get displayed as green milestones by default.

If this is not the case, then the pop-up disappears.

For testing, I changed my due dates as follows:

Due Date (Gantt) = if(‘Database'[Start Date] = ‘Database'[Due Date], ‘Database'[Due Date] + 1, ‘Database'[Due Date])

However, I deem this a bug, not a feature I suppose.

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Great catch, it is something they introduced b/c it didn’t do it until last week.

Jep, that’s it. Had a feeling it had something to do with milestones… great find!

And is not the only undocumented “bug”:
It seems that only 500 records are accepted.
With 501 records the message reapears.
I’ll have to give up from this visual…

I’ve tried changing the due dates but still not working.

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