Gantt from Project for the Web not displaying correctly

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Hi, I’m using Microsoft Project for the Web, which allows both creating dependency relationships and creating subtasks (i.e. parent-child relationships). Here’s a sample project below.

I was able bring my projects over from Project for the web into Power BI using Microsoft’s procedure detailed here:

But I can’t get xViz Gantt chart to recognize the hierarchy, and I’m not sure what it’s looking for to differentiate Tasks and Subtasks. The best I can do is add the Index field from the Project Tasks table and sort by it:

But notice there is no hierarchy; i.e. “Task 1” is not a parent to “Task 1 Subtask 1”, etc.

I noticed in the data model that the Applied Steps removed the “Parent Task ID” field from the Project Tasks table. I re-enabled this, created a new column called Parent Task Name (looking up the source task name) and then added that into the Task Name container as well. Things got weirder:

I’m brand-new to both of these tools, so very well can be doing something wrong! it’s now both showing Task 1 and Task 2 as parent tasks, but as non-summary tasks as well? I’m confused.  🙂

Any help you can provide towards formatting Project for the Web data to use in your tool will be greatly appreciated!

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