Gantt visual milestone database with new update


Hi community,

i was wondering how to set up the milestones in the Gantt visual accordingly. I have a lot of milestones in my database. Each row is one activity and depending whether the activity has a start and end date or only an end date it is an activity or a milestone. I only want to show a subset of theese milestones in the parent node, but i don’t understand how the Milestone and Milestone name section works in the visual. Can someone explain me or show me the database and how he set it up?

I would love to see a easy example how to set it up.

Thanks for your help!



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If the start and end date are the same, it will be considered a milestone. (or)
You can add a separate dimension as a milestone in the milestone field.

There are options to show milestone in parent in the Advanced Editor milestone Tab.

The purpose of a milestone Name is to give the ability to configure each milestone separately (Shape, fill, Border)

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