GnattResource ToolTip hover behavior

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I am using Pro Features on the GnattResource Chart Desktop.  I have two issues I can’t resolve.  First, the tooltip is activates for every pixel the mouse touches hiding the chart behind it. This means the tooltip window is always active and follows your mouse around keeping the chart behind it continuously hidden.

Second, the tool tip gives the correct ID and info for the bubble the mouse is hovering over but, when its not hovering over a bubble, it displays the ID and info for the first bubble in that row. This is a problem when the bubbles are small and you can’t see that your mouse is not on the bubble. I might be reading info for the earliest bubble in the row or the row above/below it instead of the one I think I’m hovering over.  I’d rather it not activate at all when i’m not hovering over a bubble.  It would be even better if I could choose to have the tooltip display only if I clicked the bubble.

Any idea how to fix this?


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