Handling large number of dates in Multiple Axes Chart



I am using the Multiple Axes Chart as a line chart and the X-Axis as a time series.

Can you advise number of data points this visualisation can handle before the data gets truncated?

It is limiting the date range being displayed.


Michael Stone

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Hey Michael,

Could you please help us to know exactly how many data points you are currently trying to visualize?

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Hi @dharanip,

It looks like the visualisation is maxing out at around 1,000 datapoints.

At a minimum we would want to be able to display 3,000 to 5,000 if possible. Worst case scenarios is around 20,000.



We need the ability to visualize over 180,000 points (ie. minute by minute data for approx 120 different sources). We are noticing that the chart does not display multiple entire series.

Hi @dharanip,

I noticed another one of your answers suggests that the Multi-Axes Chart should be able to handle 30,000 data points.


Any idea why ours is truncating the data?



Just relized that the error message is related to the number of different values in the X-axis as shown below.

“Too many ‘Date’ values. Not displaying all data. Filter the data or choose another field.”

We are using this visualisation to display time-series data (Date) and seem to be limited around 1000 data points in total.