Heirarchy Filter Not working with Select All


I am currently using the Heirarchy Filter and I’m running into a problem when the user clicks on the “Select All” it returns an error like the below.

If the user selects just 1 item from the filter no problem.  I currently have 6 items in the list and they can select up to 5 of them with no problem.   When they select the six item and the Select All check box is checked error occurs.

If I remove the Select All Option and they select all six items no problem no error.

It is only when the select all is pressed.

I’ve tried putting a filter on the visual itself and removing the “BLANK” row and that did not help.

I’ve TRIPLE checked my data and I have NO blanks NO nulls.

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This is getting fixed as part of the upcoming release. 



Answered question
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