Hierarchy Tree: Filtering wrong data when sublevel is clicked

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I am having an issue with the hierarchy tree visual…

Sometimes when I click an item in the hierarchy it does not filter other tables correctly… I should note that the dummy numbers filter correctly when I use any standard PowerBI visual such as a slicer, so it must be something related to this specific custom visual… I have attached 4 screenshots which shows the incorrect behaviour… In the first picture I have clicked on “Commercial Finance” (has a small white border around it) which filters the matrix in the right hand side correctly.. However, when I click on “Finance COO” it filters by “External reporting & Accounting”, when I click on “External reporting & Accounting” it filters by “Treasury Management” and when I click on “Treasury management” it filters by “Finance COO”… If I close the file and open it again it will work for a bit and then filter incorrectly again after I use the single-select date slicer in the top left corner… Should note again, that this works as intended when I use any standard PowerBI visual!

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks in advance!

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