How do I align the FY Correctly so that 10/1/2020 = the start of FY2021?

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Currently the FY is set to start on OCT, however the years do not properly align, the years are behind.

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Is anyone else seeing my question? I just want to make I posted correctly! Thanks


Greetings, I see your post and am experiencing the same exact issue!

The earliest date of any of our listed projects is Jan 07th 2019. However, the timeline above has 2018 listed as the start time.

I even attempted to filter out any items that had ‘blank’ as a start date – and even went as far as making a copy of the database and deleting them all to rule this out as an issue.

I’ve also toyed around with trying to manipulate the fiscal start as ours is also OCT to no success.

This visual for PowerBI seems to have a lot of potential but being unable to control basic items like a correct timeline make this a showstopper.

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Well, I have no work around, other than in my particular situation, and the way I am currently sharing info (cut and paste to .ppt – don’t ask), I just crop the year out of the top.

I do hope that the developer does not have COVID, and will be able to reconcile a solution!!

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