How do I align the FY Correctly so that 10/1/2020 = the start of FY2021?

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Currently the FY is set to start on OCT, however the years do not properly align, the years are behind.

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Is anyone else seeing my question? I just want to make I posted correctly! Thanks


The fiscal year feature is unfortunately useless for a large number of applications as it is pretty common for the next fiscal year to start during the present calendar year (e.g. the fiscal year is one year ahead, so FY 22 will start in calendar year 21 in some month.)

The problem with the xViz fiscal year feature is it assumes that the fiscal year that is starting is the same as the calendar year and there is no option to designate if FY is ahead or behind calendar. I am not an accountant, but I don’t think lagging FY is too common, if used at all.  Is it even allowed by GAAP? IDK.

WARNING: The user posted work arounds to try and use the Zoom levels (edit visual, Zoom Levels) immediately triggers the xViz Upgrade to a Pro License pop up and you can’t undo it even if you try and “undo” your zoom levels, you have to re-write your visual.  Even if you are using Pro FY (so no pop ups) still doesn’t work but you might be able to hide it by turning off the years in the timeline.

It’s difficult to justify a license when basic stuff doesn’t even work.

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