How does the xViz update version works?

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I am a developer for PowerBi that is using xViz.

We have been using xViz for 1 year. We have a report that is using Advance Pie & Donut. It is having error because we need to renew the license and we did.

My question are

  1. Do we need to do this deployment every year using the new version as the steps provided by this link (
  2. Do all the developer (say I have 3 developer) need to make changes on their own Power BI desktop by using “Get more visuals” to add the new xViz version? Or just 1 developer does the changes, and it will reflect for the other 2 developer. We are using the same account ID to do development.
  3. Do I need to make changes manually to all my report each year to avoid the error message? Is there a workaround, once #1 is done it will auto fresh all the reports to the new version?
  4. Below is an example of the same report using the same account ID but saved at a different time. Report 1 is an original report using the old xViz. Report 2 is a duplication of the original report but adding the new xViz in the list. Question: If I open both at the same time, why does Report 1 still have the old list of visualization? Is the visualization list based on the time / version it was saved?

Thank you.

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Please drop an email to xViz support team with your subscription ID details. You will find the support contact details in your purchase email.



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