How to customize gantt chart timelines

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In the feature description for the Gantt Chart, it states that Timelines can be customized. Is there a way to specify what the “top level”, “Mid level” or “Low level” should be? Specifically I need to always view the year and week number, and it looks in the feature description like it should be possible.

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yes, it is possible with the latest Gantt can download the latest version
from our website.

Then configure zoom levels as above, and turn off the middle level of the timeline.

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Hi Thor. Thank you very much for your answer! I am not seeing the option that you are describing. I just downloaded the version from the website v.1.1.3.

When I search “Zoom” in the formatting settings, I only get the “Zoom button” or “Zoom range Enable”

Hey, its available under the Adavnced Editor option. You will see a pencil icon in the top right corner of the visual. Click on it.

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