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Gantt Chart – Live Editing – Show made changes

Live Editing Feature in Gantt Chart is brilliant. But it would be really handy to see a list of changes made, so once I am happy with the changes I can go to the source and make those changes.

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Dear Team,

Great piece of work congratulation! Love the Parallel Coordinates visual. Would be nice howerver to have an option to define the value range shown on the chart for each value. For instance below to have all values starting from 60% to 101%. It would give better overview on deviations as result with 100% an all values would give a straight line and not curved ones like below:



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Inverse/Flipped Y Axis in the Multiple Axis Chart. Extremely beneficial in the oil and gas industry when looking at drilling data.

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@JasonL this requirement is already a part of our backlog. Soon most of the column/ bar family charts will be shipping along with this feature.


I really like your Variance chart. A big reason why we haven´t bought the product is that we have different growth numbers than the growth that the Variance chart now calculates. Without going into the details too much, this relates to the fact that our company wants to report organic growth, thus the numbers from acquisitions need to be taken out of the growth calculations. We have this logic in place (different measures), so it would be really great if there could be an option to have an input field for “Growth”. I know that this is quite a specific request, but if by any chance this would be an easy feature to develop, I´m all ears…

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First of all, great visual option! Love the design and flexiblity. One thing that would be great to able to adjust is the data labels. Would be great to be able to show only actual values instead of only the highest value.

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What do you mean by adjusting the data labels? I found a couple of options where we can change the properties of data labels.

And also could you explain which visual you are talking about with the actual values??

Hi, Im talking about the variance chart. Only option I can adjust is the color, size, overlap and background. I would love to use this visual to show my actual vs target. However at this moment the visual automatically shows the highest value of the two. Where I would like to disable the data label for my comparison and just show the actual data label!

Got that @JeroenFilius. Instead of showing the maximum value, we do not have an option to display actual value. But we can definitely expect to have it in the the next update release of the visual I guess.

The same goes for the label options in the Multi Axis chart. I have been playing around with both charts and the labeling options are now really limiting. I think the labeling options in the standard graphs of Power BI are quite good. there you have the option to only show certain labels, color them differently and give them another number format.