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With the advanced trellis, it would be helpful to have the option for the values in each individual graph to add up to 100% when the value is set to “show value as” % of grand total. At the moment, the bars in each graph show their percentage from the values in all the graphs.

In my trellis, I have a graph for 6 different years (year is the category).  Here’s what I see for the 2023 graph (notice the total is 26.56%):

The 2023 values are 26.56% of all the values for the 6 years. But what I want to show is what percentage each of those market sectors (NP Sac, etc.) have each year.  Each graph should add up to 100%. If I filter the trellis down to just 2023, I see the values I would expect (notice 100% total):

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