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I love the Horizon chart and how easy it is to use, thank you.

It would be great if I could flip the colours. This viz deals with temperature so the natural colouring is blue for cold (negative) and red for hot (positive) but all the options I could see start with red, not end with red and I couldn’t find a way to flip them. I ended up using purples to orange/brown as below but I wasn’t really happy with it. Even the example on the website is not intuitive with cold temperatures in red and hot temperatures in blue. 2 other minor requests: 1) less white space on the right of the legend and 2) allow axis labels other than the data plotted eg. this dataset shows the years 1880 – 2020 and I would like to show every year of data but not every year on the x-axis as there are too many. I can create a separate series to group them into decades or 20 year bands but I can’t find a way to display a different series for x-axis data and labels without it aggregating the data and diluting the message I want to show in the plot.

These changes could help to really polish an already amazing visual.

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