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Bullet Chart Using Multiple Axes Chart 

I created a bullet chart using the Multiple Axes Chart.

Need : We can’t change the band color in default bullet chart (Based on a condition the bar color should change accordingly) but using the Conditional Formatting in Multiple Axes Chart we can achieve this

Step 1 : Drag the required fields in Axis, Value Axis1 and Value Axis 2

Step 2 : Go to Format –> Select Chart Options –> Change the Chart Orientation(Pro) to Horizontal

Step 3: Select Series Order under Format.
Value Axis 1: Column
Value Axis 2: Lollipop

Step 4: Select Data Series Pattern –> Value Axis 1 – Default –> Value Axis 2 – Solid –> Marker Customization (Pro) – ON –> Shape – Square –> Size – 0

Step 5: Hide Axis Label as per your need

Bullet Chart has been created.

It would be great if the bar width does not change after applying the slicer

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