In Gantt Chart: Is it possible to make ‘Progress’ not mandatory?

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In Gantt Chart: Is it possible to make ‘Progress’ not mandatory? Currently we are not tracking progress, but we want to visualize the orginal planning vs the actual planning (‘Planned Start Date’ and ‘Start Date’).

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Here with I have attached a application containing ‘Alpha Version’ of Gantt where in you can configure it without ‘Progress’.

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That works! Thankyou. Looks like this can be the solution we are looking for. I will present the solution to the team, and if succesful we’ll go for the pro subscription.


Only for paid customers we share the latest version.  Check for more details.

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It is available in the latest version of Gantt Chart.

Usually it takes a month of time for Microsoft to get it published.

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Thankyou for your fast response!
Do you know the version number?
Yesterday I subscribed as a free user, and downloaded the package with Xviz. It included the Gantt 1.0.0 version.
How to get the latest version?

If it might work for us, we might get a professional subscription.