it is asking to upgrade to paid version

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I have created some linear guage visuals using the free version and shared it with my colleague. It is not showing up for them and asking to upgrade to pro version even though I used the free version to create it in the first place. Please help with this.

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Hello Saketh, the full free version of the xViz visuals is available only for Power BI desktop. To be able to collaborate or share the reports on Power BI service, you will need to purchase the xViz license for the same – Pricing – xViz – Advanced Visuals for Power BI

If you would like to evaluate the visual with full features even on Power BI service, then you can avail of a 30-days free Trial.

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We are not sharing it through power bi service. We are directly sharing the power bi desktop file to the user, who also accesses it through power bi desktop

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