Limit of values?

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is there a limit of values for the Marimekko Chart? I want to show four categories as a legend but only three are displayed and the information says there are too many values. What is the maximum amount of data I can display?

Thanks in advance

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If you happen to see a overlay with ‘too many values’,

We are restricting to 1000 datacells for freemium version.  In the purchased version you can show four categories as well.

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Thanks for the answer Bagawan,

but I did a filtering to reduce the datacells but even then (if I have just 528 cells) I cannot have more than three legend items.

Double check with ‘Show Data’ tab to verify whether the data coming in is correct.

One Category for the legend is missing. If I change the visual to a table f.ex. then all data is available.

Seems to be filtered out from the visual.

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