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There are some issues i wanted to point out for the Marimekko chart(I tried attaching screenshots directly but its giving me error “Sorry an error occured while processing your image, please remove it and insert again” while creating the post.So attaching as ZIP.)

  1. There is no option to switch off Legend Title which is normally available in other power BI charts.By default there will always be a title to the Legends.

Refer Screenshot 1 and 2

2) When you use the MariMekko chart with Vertical Orientation and enable Column option.Data related to column is only visible when the Legends are placed on the top portion of chart.If you move them on the right,left or bottom.Column values are not visible.


Refer Screenshot 1


Refer Screenshot 3



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Hello Biru,

Thank you for reporting this issue. xViz team is already working on to fix the reported issue. We will keep you posted for updates.

We deeply appreciate your co-operation.

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