Multi axes chart: Duplicated legend data

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I have an issue with multi axes chart.

I have a situation as on the picture below:

The question is: How to remove duplicates of legend and this text: “- TotalExpenses” and “- TotalReloads”?

I have only Axis 1 with two values, one series type as a column stacked and the second one as a column chart.

I want only legend with the VAT rate in percents.

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We are aware of this and its in the backlog. We are current working on the enhancements for the Multi Axis chart.

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Thank you for the answer!

I hope it will be possible to have this quite fast. Your chart looks and works great and meets almost all of my client’s requirements. Only issue is that legend – because of that at this moment it has been disqualified as our solution, and we cannot buy it.

Thank you!

We would encourage you to try other visuals as well! The value is in the whole suite and not a single visual. We plan to have 5 new visuals in December 2019 alone.

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