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As you can see in image I’m trying to show two measures within one chart. I need to show market Inventory days (which shoes all companies data) displays in bar and companies inventory days in line values. this chart is really great for me to display the data how I want.  but the problem is i don’t market inventory days to group by company. i mean the values in bar column should not be stacked. the should be only bar column which displays the inventory days for that particular month. and line should represent the data by company and month.

is there any way to achieve the same?

I have achieved this by using two charts. Bar Chart & Line Chart. but the problem is I’m not able sync the axis of both charts.

Thanks in advance for the help !


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Hi Team,

Revert is awaited.


Hello Shahabh,

Please let me know if my understanding of your requirement is correct.

Display two measures, market Inventory days (as bar chart) and companies inventory days (as line chart) and split only the Axis 2 i.e., companies inventory days based on the legend (company) added.

How the chart works:
If this is your requirement, I am afraid that enabling the legend only for the companies inventory days is not possible with the Multi Axes Chart. In the visual, the added legend is applied to both the axes, not just one. That’s the reason why your market Inventory days is also stacked based on the legend.

However, I tried some other alternative ways to display the chart using a mock data. Please have a look into the below sample and let me know if this suits your requirement. I have also attached the .pbix file for your reference.

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