Multi-Axes Data Limitations



I have a large data set where I’m recording multiple measurements every 2 seconds. One of these measurements is pressure. I’d like to be able to plot pressure vs. time into a zoomable data set. The default line chart in PowerBI is able to plot this well but the zooming functionality is lacking. The XViz multi-axes visualization appears to attempt to fix this however it seems to be limited in how much data it can plot at a time. When I try to plot the data the x-axis only wants to plot approximately 5 hours of data when the default line chart in PowerBI seems capable of plotting the whole dataset (~350,000 points). Is this a limitation of the xViz multi-axis or is there a setting I need to change?



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xViz Multilple Axes chart supports up to 30,000 data points.

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Perfect, thank you for the prompt response!

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