Multi axis chart – Area & Bar

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Using Xviz, I have a mutli-axis chart where I am showing revenue as bars and demand as stacked area – 4 groups.

The area defaults to being in front of the bars, but we actually want it behind the bars.

Is there a way to do this without overlaying 2 charts?

Current View (Single chart/automatic when creating)

Desired View (current 2 charts over layed with the area sent to the back)

Thank you!

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I’m using the latest version of the visual and under chart options, you have the “Auto Series Order” option. Turn it off and arrange the value fields in the same order as you would like to see on the visual. That should work.


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Thank you @kingofatoms – are you using Power BI desktop? (I am)
Also I am currently using the free version of xviz v1.0.6 (currently just testing this add in to see if it what we need before we subscribe)… I am wondering if that is part of the paid feature, as I don’t see the auto series order option in v1.0.6 under chart options. I just see:
Global Font Family
Chart Orientation (PRO)
Align Axis Thresholds
Conditional Formatting In Legend

The version I am using right now is 1.1.0 which is the latest.
You might be able to use it in the free version. But, the latest version is not yet published on AppSource. But you can still download it from the xviz website.

Try it out and let me know if it works the way you want it.


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