Multiple Axes Chart – Customize Legend Categories/Series Display Options



I am using the Multiple Axes chart. I have a few questions regarding what can be customized on the legend.

1. Is there a way to only have visible series displayed in the legend?

I have customized specific categories to display under the chart formatting > series visibility. But don’t want to see other series I haven’t selected as visible show up in the legend. (see screen shot below)

2. Is it possible to assign a different display description/name for each category/series in the legend (similar to how you can under Fields)

For example: Budget (Net) – Gross C2+ (Net) —> Budget (Net) or AMOUNT – Gross C2+ Net —> Gross C2+ Net

3. Can the legend size be changed so the chart can show all the legend series displayed instead of showing an arrow to scroll through the legend. (see screen shot below)

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