Multiple Axes Chart Legend Color Selection

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Hello again,

i am currently using the Multiple Axes Chart and would like to ask you whether its possible to have color selection per legend at legend level. I see that i can choose colors in each measure created but not at a legend level. Finally, my question is if by purchasing the pro suite as mentioned in my previous message, i would be capable to select custom colors for the legend instead of the default theme provided.

Thank you.

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Hi Andreas,

This feature is possible in the latest version 1.1.0 of the Multiple Axis chart. Please download the latest version from the website to avail this feature.

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I observe that I can affect the Color theme at a measure level only (for “Active Database” vs “Active Database PY”) but when I include Legend level (“Age Range groups”) the colors at that measure – legend level cannon be altered. (Image with arrows)

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