Multiple Axis Chart

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Kindly guide me on how to break y-axis in a Multiple Axis Chart. I will appreciate a prompt answer. Thank you.

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The Axis break will be displayed in Multiple Axes chart based on below conditions,

  • Legend field should be empty
  • Only Value Axis 1 fields should have values. 
  • ‘Scale type’ under the Y-axis 1 configuration has to be ‘Linear’
  • The maximum value in the data should not exceed 3* minimum value
  • There should be no negative values
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Thank you very much @Dharanip for taking the time to reply to my question. I deeply appreciate it.

However, I still can’t find where the break-axis feature is after meeting the conditions you specified above.

Could you kindly guide me further from there, to finding that feature? Thank you.


You should be able to find the ‘Axis break’ toggle option under the ‘Y axis- 1 configuration’ field. Also, please confirm if your Auto Axis Min/Max toggle is set to ‘On’.

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