Multiple Axis Chart: X-Axis Scrolling and format y-axis so all 0 values start at the same place

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Is there a way to not have to scroll the x-axis when you many data points?

Also is there a way to auto set the y-axis so all zero (0) values are at the same point…see attached.

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@mhenry, there’s this option under x-axis where you can enter the number of data categories you’d like to see on the axis. Let’s say you have a 200 categories/date members, you can enter the val.ue as 200 and you’ll be able to see the visual without a scroll.

For the y-axis, I guess for all the axis it is set to 0 by default. In your visual, I see there is only 0 values for a particular member. Can you please share the sample data or power BI file, so I can try to understand your  exact scenario.


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