Multiple Milestones in one row

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Hi i’m new to xViz Gantt, Microsoft Gantt couldt do what i wanted.

There ist much documentation on this subject or how to do it on the xViz site, so now i’m here.
I want to show multiple milestones for each Sub-Project in the same line as you show in your recent update.

i have made a data structure where i have the sub-project start to finish, and then i would like milestones in that.  data in picture

This is how it is done in the Microsoft Gantt. can you tell me what to do to show this milestone on the sub-project. because i cant get it to show anything

hope you guys can help me

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Hi Jacob,

Populate the start and the finish column under the Milestone data field in the Gantt chart then according to the data, the milestone will get populated. Under the Milestone dropdown feature, you can change the shape, color etc., for the Milestone.

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Hi Niveda.
All this does for me is to place all milestones under eachother.
And not an the milestones actual dates, do you have any idea why?