No option for displaying totals in stacked chart


I’m pretty new to this add-in so please forgive my confusion.

I am using the multiple axes chart and set my data to display in a stacked column.

I had seen a video on the xViz youtube that showed him using a “Column total”. I would like to use this as the regular data labels are too small to be viable.

My issue is that I don’t see the “column total” anywhere in the formatting options. Is there anyway to make it appear or to enable it?

The current version of my add-in is 1.1.8

I attached a screenshot of my formatting options for anyone curious what I’m talking about.

Thanks to anyone who can provide support on this.

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I have the same problem. In the video you show the “Column totals” section but isn’t exist in PBI. Any answer by xViz Team?

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